Traffic Ticket Defense in Toronto

Victory Traffic Tickets' team of licensed paralegals and ex-police officers will provide you with expert advice for all types of traffic tickets. Our services include:

A team in Toronto that builds traffic ticket defenses

Court Representation

We fight all traffic tickets and vigorously defend you. Our experienced team of courtroom litigators advocate for you and get the best results.

Charter Challenges

We are experts in court procedure, policy and law and we ensure we get you the best results.

Appeals and Reopenings

We are highly experienced with appeals and re-opening convictions - call us before you pay any fines.

Insurance Company Advocacy

We advocate and negotiate with your insurance company to protect your record after accidents.

Commercial Motor Vehicles

We help professional drivers and carriers maintain a clean Commercial Vehicle Operators Record (CVOR) and fight all CVOR traffic tickets.


WARNING: Motorists should be aware that accepting a reduced fine from a prosecutor will still register as a conviction on your driving record. This could seriously impact your insurance rates as insurance companies consider all convictions when determining the rates, it isn’t just based on demerit points.

Why choose Victory Traffic Tickets?

We have a great reputation

Victory Traffic Tickets is known for being tough in the courtroom and not afraid to take a ticket to trial. Most companies won’t go to trial and they instead "plead out" (take a worse deal) because it’s easier. We don’t take any shortcuts.

We have over 10 years of experience

We have successfully defended thousands of traffic ticket and know the rules, regulations, policies and procedures inside and out. You can rely on Victory Traffic Tickets’s professional advice and representation because we’re dedicated to achieving great results for our clients.

We offer exceptional customer service

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff carefully explain the process and handle all administrative and documentary matters and vigorously advocate in court for the best results.

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Sabeen Chaudhary

Sabeen Rosenblatt
Senior Paralegal
Sabeen has been successfully fighting traffic tickets for over 10 years and speaks Urdu and Punjabi.


Laura Barbosa B.A.
Case Manager
Laura speaks fluent Spanish and French and is committed to helping you.

Joseph Tierney

Joseph Tierney
Senior Court Advocate